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Homes And Land of Montreal :: Banner Advertising Program

In print and online, next door and around the world, no one delivers
more impact for your advertising dollar than Homes And Land of Montreal.

The main goal of marketing is to create awareness about your brand in the minds of prospective clients. And awareness is created by consistently showing your brand to people on every type of media available. It is simply a game of numbers.
The more a consumer sees you, the more chances are he/she will remember you.

Banner Ads Have Lasting Effects.
Display ads, regardless of clicks, generate a significant   raise in brand-site visits, a growth  in trademark web searches, and an increase of sales both online and offline among those  who viewed the ads. Within one week, consumers who caught a glimpse of a display ad were 65% more likely to visit the advertiser's site than users who had never seen the ad.
Even after four weeks, people who had seen the display ads were 45% more likely to visit the brand's site.

So, contact us right away for your banner advertising campaign and add another tool to your box of brand creation and recognition!

Your banner ad will show on and on our local Homes & Land homepage
Whenever someone is looking for properties on Homes & Land in our area, your banner will show in the designated spot.

And it is cheap too!
-    If you are already our client on any of our packages, your campaign cost is $79+tax a month and you can cancel it any time.
-    If you are not our client, your campaign cost is $129+tax a month and you can cancel it any time.

* The price does not include the creation of the banner ad. You will have to provide the creative according to our technical specifications.

Please find below the list of the Homes And Land of Montreal benefits:

  • Quality Magazine
    Homes And Land of Montreal Magazine is a powerful way to market yourself and your listings. Learn more
    We provide our advertisers with premium exposure on our high-traffic website, (1.3 Million monthly unique visitors). Learn More
  • Digital Magazine
    Show clients and prospects your listings before the magazine hits the street through our Digital Edition of Homes & Land of Montreal magazine. Learn More
  • High-Traffic Web Syndication
    Consumers visit a variety of websites in their real estate search. We syndicate your listings to more than 10 high-traffic partners. Learn More
  • Luxury Marketing
    Luxury websites like, target the high end demographics, Learn More
  • Personal Website
    Showcase your inventory and personal brand with a complimentary personal website. Learn More
  • Virtual Tours
    A Virtual Tour is automatically created for your listings when you submit six or more photos, including a standalone web page for your tour. Learn More
  • Text Codes and QR Codes
    Text codes and QR codes are one more way to engage your potential buyers. Learn More
  • Client Contact Program
    After you’ve taken the listing, our client contact program keeps you in touch with the seller. Learn More
  • Household distribution
    Want your listings seen in every home in specific area?We can make it happen! Learn More

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