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Homes And Land of Montreal :: Digital Magazine Advertising

To Be or Not to Be in a Digital Magazine?

In print and online, next door and around the world, no one delivers
more impact for your advertising dollar than Homes And Land of Montreal.

Lots of questions are coming our way regarding the advertising in Digital Magazine. Advertisers need a better explanation concerning all pros and cons of using this strategy as a promotion tool for their business.

The Digital Magazine is a major component of online or Internet marketing.

Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of using Digital Magazine presented by Homes and Land of Montreal.

  1. Pro
    Digital Magazine = Interactive magazine!

    When flipping through its pages and clicking on images you can check:

    • All the information of that listing
    • A link to the realtor's personal section
    • A video tour
    • A direct request form to get more information
    • An advanced search of properties inside the magazine based on different characteristics

    All this improves the visibility of the broker on the Internet.

    Digital Magazine::Homes And Land of Montreal

  2. Pro
    Social network
    sharing is also an integral part of the Digital Magazine, so any reader (real estate broker or regular consumer) has an option to share the magazine directly from the magazine's interface, to all his/her social media resources, and, additionally, to send it by email to all his/her friends and clients.

    What could be better for the promotion of your listings and your professional services!

    Digital Magazine1::Homes And Land of Montreal

  3. Pro
    Digital Magazine subscription.

    What can be more pleasing than receiving this beautiful interactive magazine on a regular basis?
    A subscription can be done from two places: the home page of Homes and Land of Montreal site and from the Digital Magazine itself.
    This way your clients and prospects will see your effort, if you help them subscribe.

    Digital Magazine2::Homes And Land of Montreal

  4. Pro
    Digital Magazine shared on Homes and Land of Montreal's Social Networks

    Every time Homes and Land produces a Digital Magazine, it also generates a video clip and places it on all its social networks like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

    • You can send these videos to you clients and prospects by embedding them into your emails.
    • You can post them on your own website for better customer connection.
    • When you "like" these videos, you engage your followers into seeing and appreciating the work you have done.

  5. Con

    Despite all the advantages listed above, there is a con. The promotion strategy for your business in a digital magazine is not free.
    But 4 against 1 still worth the game.
    And, by the way, the current print advertisers get the digital magazine free of charge!

Homes And Land of Montreal offers you a Digital Print Advertising that includes the following benefits at a crazy low price of only $99 per page!

Quality Digital Magazine 

Show clients and prospects your listings before the magazine hits the street through our Digital Edition of Homes & Land of Montreal magazine.

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Personal Website 

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